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the WAY

Empowering Christians to Engage the Culture War

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom."

2 Corinthians 3:17

Resources (see links below)

1.  #RIGHTtheWAY - Biblical Worldview Core Values




  • Happening Now podcast with Pastor Jack Hibbs and Charlie Kirk
    Discussing the Great Reset plans by the global elites


  • God > Government (45 minute interview by Jim Stroud)


Speak about social issues with confidence that you are following the guidelines

3.  BOOKS:

  • "Would God Really Send Someone to Hell?" by Amy Travis
    (Booklet) COMING EARLY APRIL! Part 2 of the Why, God? series

  • "The Pursuit of Liberty: Protecting our God-given Rights" by Amy Travis
    Explore the Biblical worldview and historical context of key social issues:

    • The frailty of freedom (Chapter 1)

    • Protecting the traditional family (Chapter 2)

    • Clarifying the abortion debate (Chapter 3)

    • The rise of transgenderism  (Chapter 4)      

    • The threat of socialism (Chapter 5)

    • The truth about capitalism (Chapter 6)

    • The real systemic racism (Chapter 7)

    • Exposing the social justice movement (Chapter 8)

  • "Why do Bad Things Happen" by Amy Travis
    (Booklet) Part 1 of the Why, God? series


  • "You Can Visit but You Can’t Live There: Keys to Living Free from Fear"
    by Amy Travis
    Learn how to:

    • Build Resiliency

    • Combat fear

    • Tackle guilt

    • Limit anxiety

  • "Through the Lens of Love & Truth: A Look at Christian Conservatism"
    by Amy Travis and Tammy Summers
    Learn how to defend the Biblical worldview (Apologetics) 

    • Defend Creation

    • Explain why—if God is good—do bad things happen

    • Talk about why the traditional family is so important

    • Debunk the idea that all religions lead to Heaven

    • Explain your position on the abortion debate

    • Tell the Truth about Love

    • Discuss Current Events relative to Biblical Prophecy (Part 1)

    • much more